Saying Goodbye

Christian Fogerty University of Edinburgh, Scotland


May 30, 2018

Now I’m leaving Edinburgh. After five months in this beautiful city, suddenly I have to force myself to just pack up and leave. Saying goodbye to people is strange. Sometimes it feels insufficient, but I think that’s the nature of goodbyes. They just happen in the spur of the moment and life goes on. All I can really say to the friends I am leaving here is a simple “goodbye,” and maybe we’ll see each other again. The ocean is a big hurdle to jump, and it’s hard to make promises to reunite. I have a gut feeling I will see these people again, but it will be a result of a major decision to travel.

All of this is a shame, but it doesn’t erase the memories that were made or the things I’ve learned. I’m not sure what reflection on this experience will reveal to me, but I know I’ve already changed in ways that make it impossible to even know who I was before I came to Edinburgh. I’m going to miss being able to just walk around a gorgeous, vibrant, diverse, city. I’m going to miss the places and experiences I had at my fingertips the most. School in itself was put on the backburner. This was for the best. I’m glad I didn’t constantly stick my nose in a book or a computer screen. I’m glad I made mistakes, stumbled, and sometimes flourished.

If you’re reading this blog post and considering coming to Edinburgh or are waiting to come, I’m jealous. You’re truly in for a cathartic experience. Please take advantage of not only Edinburgh but also Scotland and Europe. If done right, you should encounter people, sights, challenges, and livelihoods that will color your world. You should observe and participate. Try it all, live it up, it really does go by quickly (like everything nowadays it seems). The days go by slowly sometimes, but those weeks add up. Before you know it, you will be sitting in your room tapping out a blog post, slightly bewildered at everything.

Now as I prepare to go back to what I used to think was my humdrum lifestyle back in the states, I have new inspirations. The things I used to consider unconventional or scary have seeped into me slowly. These new perspectives are valuable and I plan on working them into my life at home. This probably seems really vague, but I think we see the effects of it everywhere. Influences from other cultures, lifestyle, and people from far away eventually pop up in other places. These influences start with small, unnoticed feelings and blossom into bigger ideas, institutions, fashions, and lifestyles. These changes are the most important things in my life right now, and I’m hoping they blossom into something that I can give to my home, family, friends, and work in the future.


Scotland Semester