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Spring'19 Events for New South Wales

Spring Events for New South Wales (Sydney / Wollongong) We have some excellent co-curricular activities planned for the… More

Marion Finlay Associate Director

Packing like a Pro

Amanda "Gizmo" Lanham February 8, 2019

So you’ve decided to spend 4 months abroad in Australia! You’ve made the right choice. Weather Start with checking your average temperatures for your area – often our locations don’t have the same extremes as some parts of the USA Jet Lag Use an… More

Welcome to the Beach Bondies!

Amanda "Gizmo" Lanham January 25, 2019

Friday mornings are made for BBQ Breakfasts and Burleigh headland is the place to be! Over 20 of our new Bond students headed down to the beach and about 14 of them turned up by bikes they’d bought in the first few weeks of arrival. It’s always been… More

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