Mona de Pascua

Agustina Balacco April 19, 2019

La Mona de Pascua is a Easter sweet typical of Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Murcia. *Origin The name comes from the munna or mouna, an Arabic meaning "mouth provision", a gift that the Muslims made to their masters. As Joan Amades explains… More

Semana Santa

Agustina Balacco April 12, 2019

Semana Santa in Barcelona: April 14th - April 20th: It marks the end of Lent and commemorates the death and rise of Jesus. Barcelona, is traditionally less religious than other parts of Spain, however, it still has their celebrations during this week… More

Farewell Fiesta Spring 2019

Agustina Balacco April 10, 2019

Last Wednesday, we said goodbye to our students from the Spring 2019 program and as usual, we wanted to say goodbye with a nice Farewell Fiesta =) We couldn't believe this semester has gone so fast! We still remember our students' first days during Orientation… More

Arcadia Photo Exhibition

Agustina Balacco April 8, 2019

And once again…time flies! Our last day with our Spring Students 2019 started at the Arcadia Center seing the great pictures that students of Photography took during the semester. We have been delighted with their work =) Here you can see the AMAZING… More

Visits from Granada & Toledo!

Agustina Balacco April 1, 2019

This weekend we had the pleasure to receive some students from the Spring program 2019 of Granada and Toledo!! With the great activities that we have organized the students were able to spend a whole weekend in our city learing a lot and also having… More

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