Mecal Festival

Elena Lázaro August 6, 2019

Another free festival that takes place in our bright city is Mecal Air, the longest-running outdoor cinema of the summer. It is back for an 11th consecutive year in Barcelona, and now available on Saturday nights. This festival shows short films that… More

Festival of Gracia

Elena Lázaro August 5, 2019

 August is a highlight month for most of people from Barcelona, for those who are in the city and like to participate in different events that our city offers.  One of more emblemathic parties is the Festival of Gracia, which it was its centenary two… More

Jazz at Pedrera

Elena Lázaro August 2, 2019

If you are spending some days in Barcelona this Summer and you love jazz music, don’t miss Fridays and Saturdays at the Pedrera because in this modernist building will take place jazz concerts. Summer concerts at the Pedrera roof terrace are scheduled… More

Sea Food Paella

Elena Lázaro August 2, 2019

Once you are in Spain, you see heaps of places, bars, and restaurants offering Paella. Paella is one of the symbols of our country, but it is originally from Valencia, specifically from Albufera, on the east coast of Spain. Would you like to be able… More


Elena Lázaro July 31, 2019

Gazpacho: A traditional Spanish Summer dish. If you have the chance to visit Spain on Summer sometime, you could appreciate our culture, nice weather, our beautiful landscapes, people, and traditional parties but, especially you could enjoy our food… More

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