Getting Immersed in the Spanish Culture

Sergio Pajares October 22, 2019

Spain is different… and our students too! That’s why the different activities organized by Arcadia Granada are focused on a wide range of topics and experiences. During the orientation sessions, our Fall 2019 students tasted our traditional dishes (Spanish… More

Escape Room Mission Gaudi!!!!

Agustina Balacco October 18, 2019

The Sagrada Familia is on fire! And our students must resolve the mystery before it turns into ashes! Imagine the situation: They are in 1936 and they find the most famous church in the world devoured by flames. If they don't find the mystery behind… More

Yoga Class at the Beach

Agustina Balacco October 14, 2019

Last week, our Fall 2019 students learned how to stretch their muscles and relaxed by practicing yoga in front of the Mediterranean watching the sunset! Most of the students are interested in doing some sports, they ask about gym for example..that’s… More

Mago Pop

Elena Lázaro October 14, 2019

Have you heard talk about Mago Pop? Is this name familiar to you? I suppose yes because he is becoming very famous around the world. He is a young magician born in Barcelona that is surprising people with his tricks here and there wherever he goes. Antonio… More

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