Agustina Balacco October 9, 2018

We visited Sitges with our Fall 2018 students! This popular coastal town remained as beautiful as always! We had such a great time walking through the historical streets of Sitges and enjoyed the good weather, that this town is known for. One of the… More

Embedded Excursion to the Güell Colony

Sílvia Serra October 6, 2018

Students taking BACL250 Rags to Riches: The Transformation of Barcelona course had the opportunity to visit The Güell Colony, a small working colony located in the municipality of Sana Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona). It is considered one of the references… More

Embedded Excursion to the land of wine

Sílvia Serra October 5, 2018

The field trip arranged for the course Gastronomy and Culture in Spain this semester consisted of a visit to the first wine museum in Spain: VINSEUM Museum, which first opened in 1945. This was followed by a visit to nearby Adernats winery, where our… More

Tortilla de patatas.. Learn how to cook it!

Sílvia Serra October 4, 2018

TORTILLA DE PATATAS. Learn how to cook it! After few weeks in Barcelona I’m sure you have already tasted the typical Spanish Omelette: Tortilla de patatas. Delicious, right? One of our most typical dishes that can be served everywhere and eaten in a… More

Gràcia Tour

Agustina Balacco October 1, 2018

Last week we went on our Gràcia Tour and we ended up having a delicious ice-cream on the last days of summer. We went for a walk around one of the most popular neighborhoods in Barcelona. As we walked, they could learn many things about Vila de Gràcia… More

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