Museum Practices: The MAXXI

Student Voices May 23, 2019

Kathleen Barta - Student of Villanova University - Arcadia in Rome Museum Practice - Spring 19 Rome is a city bursting at the seams with ancient architecture and art at every turn. The MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, is a welcome detour… More

Museum Practices: The Colosseum

Student Voices May 16, 2019

matthew petrillo - student of Michigan university - Arcadia in Rome museum practices - spring 19 Five hundred miles north of the Eternal City, on a sun-drenched Saturday in Budapest, I wasn’t expecting the Arch of Titus to pop up around the corner amid… More

Museum Practices: Capitoline Museum

Student Voices May 9, 2019

jordyn cohen - student of ohio state university - Arcadia in Rome museum practices -spring 19  This week, our class went to the Capitoline Museums. We first met outside and looked at the re-creation of the statue of Marcus Aurelius riding his horse.… More

Museum Practices: The Centrale Montemartini

Student Voices May 2, 2019

Julia Cangialosi - Student of michigan university - Arcadia in Rome Museum practices - spring 19  Reflecting upon my brief time spent in Rome thus far, I noticed it continues to surprise me each and every day. Whether it is becoming aware of a local… More

A Day of Gratitude

Sarra Chadi April 30, 2019

One of the highlights of the month of April was the Day of Gratitude organized with a group of students involved in the maintenance of the community garden of Garbatella. It was great to get to see the activities carried out in the past weeks. Planting… More

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