Election Day in Italy

Tina Rocchio March 3, 2018

We asked Prof. Eva Garau for a last-minute attempt at making sense of these most confusing and potentially uproarious elections for our English-speaking community. Italians have a phrase they use quite often, “the least worst”; never as in these elections… More

The Inauguration of Roma Tre University Academic Year

Tina Rocchio February 20, 2018

Yesterday Roma Tre University celebrated the inauguration of the academic year 2017-18, an annual event which - in Italy - falls in February. The event was immensely energising and the words of the new Rettore Prof. Luca Pietromarchi held tangible promise… More

Mardi Gras in Italy

Tina Rocchio February 13, 2018

Celebrating Carnevale Carnevale – background The dates during which Carnevale falls may seem arbitrary and slightly mysterious to most. In fact, the dates of Carnevale are tied to the date of Easter in any given year. The Resurrection of Christ always… More

Orientation in the Countryside

Tina Rocchio January 27, 2018

Here is a bit of a summary on our celebratory day in the countryside! We began the day at Piramide Metro Station; as a last-minute switcharoo, I took nearly half the group off to the Farmer's Market of Circo Massimo (Saturdays&Sundays only) while the… More

A Forest in Garbatella! 

Sarra Chadi December 13, 2017

It is hard to imagine a new born forest in the middle of an urban setting, but that is the purpose of the "Tree Day" which took place a few days ago at the park of Garbatella. Many volunteers, mostly residents of the neighborhood, joined forces to plant… More

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