Exploring around Rome: Bracciano Lake

Sarra Chadi September 27, 2018

by ilaria d'onofrio, program assistant, summer 2018 The Bracciano lake, or even called Lago Sabatino, it’s a volcanic lake situated on the north of Rome. It’s 20 miles norther than the city, so you can easily get there in an hour by car or by train.… More

Exploring around Rome: Pontine Islands

Chiara Baldussi September 20, 2018

 BY ILARIA D'ONOFRIO, PROGRAM ASSISTANT, SUMMER 2018 Called in Italian Isole Pontine or Isole Ponziane, they are an archipelago of 5 different island: Ponza, Ventotene, Zannone, Gavi and last but not least Palmarola. They are all placed in the Tyrrhenian… More

Exploring around Rome: Circeo Park

Sarra Chadi September 13, 2018

   BY ILARIA D'ONOFRIO, PROGRAM ASSISTANT, SUMMER 2018 Rome is the eternal city, with its countless monuments, its friendly people and its delicious food. Anybody who stayed in Rome can agrees on that. But what somebody could not know is that there… More

Exploring around Rome: Sperlonga

Chiara Baldussi September 6, 2018

 BY ILARIA D'ONOFRIO, PROGRAM ASSISTANT, SUMMER 2018 Sperlonga it`s one of the best small village on the coast of Italy (and I’m not saying it just because my father was born there) and it`s not so far from Rome. You can easily get there by train (1h… More

Student Life in Rome (Video Series)

Student Voices August 23, 2018

We recently asked students to describe what it was really like living in Rome. In the videos below, students share everything from apartment living to their experience with coffee and learning from local Italian families to drinking coffee. Haley, Kalin… More

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