Is Art necessary or useful in time of crisis?

Chiara Baldussi March 26, 2020

Written by Raffaele Furno, Modern Life in the Eternal City Professor, Arcadia Rome On the first day of class, I always ask my students why they picked Rome for their study abroad experience. Unsurprisingly, they reply that they came for the art, the… More

News from the CoRomaVirus Age

Chiara Baldussi March 20, 2020

Written by Fabio Barilari, Professor of Modern Life in the Eternal City and Sketching Rome Ciao a tutti, I hope you are all doing well in these troubled days.I will start from the closing words in my "farewell email" to my students, for their forced… More

How to Survive Exams Session

Ilaria D'Onofrio December 13, 2018

The end of the winter semester is around the corner, and while people are thinking about the best way to spend their Christmas holiday, most college students are worrying about their final exams. Being a college student myself, I am very (I mean VERY)… More

Museo Pigorini visit: 10/18/18

Student Voices November 29, 2018

BY CARA MASTRANGELO, VILLANOVA STUDENT, ARCADIA IN ROME, MUSEUM PRACTICES - FALL 2018   For today’s class, we took a visit to Museo Pigorini in the EUR Fermi neighborhood. What I found really interesting was that this neighborhood was actually founded… More

The Success of the Wine Industry in Italy

Chiara Baldussi November 7, 2018

Written by Luigi Tocchetti, professor of International Finance in the Arcadia Italy Program The course of International Finance at Arcadia University in Rome includes a unique, particular sector of the Italian economy: the wine. Typically, investing… More

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