Application Steps:

  1. Explore Our Programs: Use our Program Finder to search for a program that’s best for you. For extra assistance, you can schedule a short call with either your assigned Institutional Regional Manager or our Enrollment Management Coordinator to help you.
  2. Create an Arcadia Portal Account: Once you know your program, you can register in our Arcadia Portal, where you submit your initial application. Filling out this initial application is free, and if you decide later that you want to change your program of choice, you're welcome to do that. Once you submit this initial application, you’ll be put in contact with one of our expert Program Advisors. Working directly with the program advisor is the best way to get the specific program information that you need to move forward with your study abroad plans.
  3. Complete Your Checklist Items: Your assigned program advisor will help you with the next part of your application, the Checklist Items. These are application materials necessary to go on your program of choice; materials such as a transcript, student photo, and up-to-date passport.
  4. Application Decision and Pre-Departure Support: Once you complete your checklist items, we will submit your application for a decision. If you are accepted, you will have 10 days to submit a deposit and sign an enrollment agreement. Doing these two things will confirm your spot in the program.
  5. Study Abroad! All your hard work paid off! We have excellent full-time support staff at all of our locations who will help you take full advantage of your time abroad by offering general support, taking you on fun excursions, and hosting activities in your destination country.

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Read through our FAQ’s to help better understand the application process and ALSO don’t forget to check out our Scholarships page!