Step 1

Find a Program

The first step in the application process is finding a program that’s right for you. Whether you’re focused on a particular location, a specific discipline, a combination of both, or are open to exploring all opportunities available to you, Program Finder can help you find a great fit.

Step 2

Get Your Questions Answered

Everyone has questions when searching for the program that best meets their academic and personal goals. Ask us anything! We're here to help. Our staff will get you answers and highlight the programs or courses that might work best for you.

Step 3

Start Your Application

You’ve found your program… now it’s time to apply. Our Program Management team looks at a number of factors during the admissions process, including your GPA, major, program choice, and home college or university. Once you register with Arcadia Passport, you’ll submit your initial application. Next you’ll be able to complete and track the rest of your application requirements – called Checklist Items. Commonly required materials include a transcript and a copy of your up-to-date passport – but each program has specific requirements. Once accepted, your Program Manager will assist you in completing any remaining steps, and continue to answer any questions you may have.

To help you better understand the Application process, read through the FAQs.

If you’re already registered for Passport, log into your account to start your application. If not, register now!