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The Mean Streets of Flamenco

Re'Nyqua Farrington, Student Blogger, Arcadia In Granada, Spain As a college student, I have a handful of phrases that give… More

Re'Nyqua Farrington Arcadia in Granada, Spain

Learning a Language is a Lifelong Process

Tristan Donohoe March 20, 2019

Tristan Donohoe, Fundacion Ortega-Maranon - Toledo, Spain “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein I'm reminded of this point often. Studying speech-language pathology and studying a foreign language, as one might… More

On Grieving Far Away from Home

Kate Jock March 19, 2019

Kate Jock, Student Blogger, Edinburgh Internship Program, Scotland A few weeks ago, my dad went to visit his parents. His mother, my grandmother, hates her iPhone, but she was rather excited to learn that she could “video call” me, no matter how far… More

From 6 Strings to 12 Strings

Logan Ludwig March 19, 2019

Logan Ludwig, Student Blogger, University Of Westminster, England When I learned that I was allotted two carry-on bags for my flight to London, there was no doubt in mind my guitar would be one of them. I brought my much beloved Ibanez Jazz guitar… More

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Liesel Rutland March 19, 2019

Liesel Rutland, Student Blogger, University Of Otago, New Zealand. I live right beside the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. If I walk out of my front door, take a left, and keep walking for around ten minutes, I will end up at the grocery store– New World… More

θα θέλα ενά…

Sydney Parks March 18, 2019

“θα θέλα ενά…” (pronounced as “tha thela ena”), otherwise known as “I would like one…” The options are endless and delicious. Do I want a classic σουβλάκι (sou-vla-ki) with everything? Σουβλάκι is a specific style of grilling meat. I normally ask… More

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