The Final Countdown

Meghan Callahan January 14, 2019

Meghan Callahan is a student blogger studying at UNIVERSITY OF OTAGO, New Zealand As I am sitting down and writing this blog post it is January 11th, and as I arrived at the Pittsburgh International Airport this morning from Orlando, my mom looked at… More

Hasta Luego, Granada

Alycia Parker January 3, 2019

Alycia Parker is a student blogger studying at ARCADIA IN GRANADA, SPAIN The semester I had in Granada was incredible. I had an amazing time-- I met people from across the US and Europe, I made best friends, and unexpectedly, I learned a lot more Spanish… More

James Cook University: Part 2

Marisa Etzell January 3, 2019

Marisa Etzell is a student blogger studying at James Cook University, Australia When studying abroad at JCU (James Cook University), there is no lack of activities! In fact, now that I think about it, I had something going on pretty much every week night… More

From Australia to England: My Experiences Abroad

Mary Murray January 3, 2019

Mary Murray is a student blogger studying at UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER, ENGLAND Having had the privilege to study abroad for two semesters in two different countries, I figured now was a good time to take a step back and reflect on how different my two… More

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