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How to Say Goodbye to Home

The countdown to saying goodbye has begun. Finals are right around the corner, and I’m already contemplating how to fit everything… More

Payton Sims London, England

A Morning in Cambridge

Janelle D'Avignon August 5, 2022

Welcome to the University of  Cambridge! I’ll be studying here for their amazing six-week summer program at Pembroke College, taking Economics of Inequality and Discrimination, Political Economy of Natural Resource Management, and Reading Jane Austen… More

A Bumpy Arrival

Leah West July 14, 2022

To begin my trip abroad to Florence, I arrived three hours early to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to ensure ample time to check my bag, go through airport security, and allocate time for any other disturbance that came my way. However, my plans… More

LGBTQ+ While Abroad: Safety, Tips, and Tricks

Acadia Czeizinger July 1, 2022

When I first received the news that I could spend a semester abroad, I was absolutely overjoyed: After all, what young, twenty-something doesn’t love the idea of spending close to six months in a brand-new place? However, as a queer, female-presenting… More

Preparing for Studying Abroad

Hannah Leibowitz July 1, 2022

You’ve been accepted to study abroad—how exciting! Now what? Despite how excited you are for your upcoming time abroad, you are likely feeling nervous and unsure how to prepare. While there is no singular way to lessen anxiety related to this that will… More

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