Summer Co-Curricular Events in Ireland

Gráinne Hand May 20, 2022

Summer has landed! The sun is shining, places are open and ready for the season and we are about to welcome our first group of students next week! Summer programmes in Limerick or Dublin would not be complete without our much loved co-curricular events… More

My recent trip to the Burren College of Art

Gráinne Hand April 27, 2022

As I left Galway and headed towards Co. Clare my senses heightened as I took quick glances of the landscape, the green fields, the sky, the sea and the sheer beauty of the Burren. It is here that three of our students, Mia, Bristol and Rebecca have spent… More

Where We Have Come From

Gráinne Hand April 6, 2022

As our students rev up for end of semester exams and begin planning their finals travels, I can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come in this Spring 2022 program. When our students first arrived, we were in the midst of a partial COVID lockdown. Testing… More

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