Gaelic Games in Ireland

Gráinne Hand June 19, 2019

As our students learn each semester on the Experience Gaelic Games trip during orientation, hurling is a Gaelic game which has been played in Ireland for thousands of years. The sport embodies the ancient tribal nature of the Irish people, as players… More

Summer Events in Dublin

Gráinne Hand June 13, 2019

Free summer events are a great way to engage with the local community and explore new areas on a budget. Loads of these will take place all across Ireland during the warmer months, and our students are encouraged to attend. Science On Thursday 20th… More

Experience Ireland’s Gaelic Games

Gráinne Hand June 6, 2019

We here at The College of Global Studies’ Dublin Center believe that students who are abroad in Ireland should be afforded every opportunity to immerse themselves deeply into Irish culture. And there is perhaps nothing more intrinsically Irish than our… More

Summer 2019 Events in Ireland

Gráinne Hand May 1, 2019

We have had a marvelous Spring Semester and have met many very interesting excited students on their Irish Study Abroad Experience. Now its time to bid farewell and say hello to all of you Summer participants (a nice big group you are!) and help get you… More

Easter in Ireland

Gráinne Hand April 15, 2019

It’s coming to the end of Lent so that means one thing- Easter Eggs. The shops are packed full of chocolate eggs and everyone is preparing to stock up for a much needed binge. Easter is late this year and according to Met Eireann, we are in for a heatwave… More

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