Day Trips From Dublin

Alice Higgins June 12, 2018

The majority of our summer students are here and seem to be settling in nicely to their new surroundings. We have been so lucky with the weather, and although it’s looking a little greyer these last few days, I’m convinced the sun is going to reappear… More

Handel's "Messiah"

Alice Higgins May 30, 2018

It may come as a surprise that I'm writing about Handel's Messiah on a blog that is based in Ireland and aimed at American students but, believe it or not, I have a very good reason to.  The Dublin Centre is located on a street called Fishamble Street… More

Spring 2018 Photo Competition Winner

Alice Higgins May 17, 2018

How can spring be almost over already? I feel like I was just writing about the start of the semester a few days ago. If I'm feeling like that, I can only imagine how quick this whole experience must have felt for our students studying here.  As always… More

Last Week's Round Up

Alice Higgins April 17, 2018

Last week was a busy one and it was packed with really enjoyable events. As our students are dotted around the country, we try and put on some smaller, local events to make sure that everyone has a chance to join us for a couple of excursions. There were… More

Summer 2018 Excursions

Alice Higgins April 13, 2018

We have had quite a hard spring here in Ireland. There has been lots of grey days, some snow days and way too many rainy days. While it does get us in a bit of a slump, it also does one very positive thing- it gets us very very excited for summer!! We… More

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