Dr. Thomas Kelley


Resident Director

The Burren and Its Arcadia Fellowship

Dr. Thomas Kelley October 20, 2021

Ireland is old.  Not in a pejorative or disparaging way, but in a powerful and awe inspiring manner.  Like a sage family elder, time has refined Ireland, gracefully ageing among its people and using its grizzled landscape to tell the stories of its ancient… More

Update to Spring 2020 Arcadia Programs

Dr. Thomas Kelley March 17, 2020

The Spring 2020 Arcadia programs in Ireland have been suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Students should look for emails from Arcadia for specific information and general updates can be found on Arcadia's Coronavirus updates blog and FAQs. More

Understanding Europe: Ireland and Spain

Dr. Thomas Kelley December 4, 2018

Brexit and Borders 2018 Let me start by saying that the College of Global Studies at Arcadia University is an incredible organisation.  The plethora of engaging co-curricular activities available to our students is a great example of this excellence… More

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