Wellness Wednesday: The value of a catch up

Gráinne Hand August 19, 2020

This week, my supervisor, our Director,  suggested that I reach out to a colleague who we have worked with for quite some time. In my case, eighteen years. There were maybe one or two suggestions for the call but it was really meant to be a catch up.… More

Wellness Wednesday: Staff Mental Health Project

Gráinne Hand May 13, 2020

Myself along with Amanda Zimmerman, Program Manager, have been friends and colleagues for over fifteen years. The time seemed right for us to now move outside our normal working communications into something related to staff wellbeing. We met a few weeks… More

A day in the life of our Dublin staff

Gráinne Hand April 1, 2020

Like most working professionals in Ireland, I am working out of my home.  I managed to collect items like a monitor, mouse and wireless keyboard from the Dublin Center in order to replicate my work station at home.  We have a staff meeting over Zoom every… More

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