Spring 2023 Co-Curricular Events

Gráinne Hand November 22, 2022

We have had a wonderful Fall Semester here at Arcadia Ireland and have met so many amazing students on their Irish Study Abroad experience. Our co-curricular events have really proven to highlight our inclusive community of learners, supported by our… More

Upcoming Belfast trip

Gráinne Hand November 16, 2022

This week I'm taking a break from Wellness Wednesday because it seems wrong not to write something about our final co-curricular event of the Semester, Belfast and the Titanic! This weekend we will be joined by students from all around the country to… More

Wellness Wednesday: Taking a break!

Gráinne Hand October 12, 2022

One of the best things for the mind is to take a break. A break from the normal hum drum of everyday life and a chance to explore, engage and rejuvenate. In that spirit of taking a break but also in learning about rural Irish culture, this week we are… More

Summer Co-Curricular Events in Ireland

Gráinne Hand May 20, 2022

Summer has landed! The sun is shining, places are open and ready for the season and we are about to welcome our first group of students next week! Summer programmes in Limerick or Dublin would not be complete without our much loved co-curricular events… More

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