Student Engagement Webinars

Gráinne Hand November 23, 2020

Throughout the fall semester, the Engagement committee, composed of members of the Student Services team, has been reimagining how we engage with inquiries and applicants throughout their journey towards study abroad. As part of this initiative, the committee… More

Wellness Wednesday: What to do in Ireland

Gráinne Hand November 11, 2020

As we prepare for students coming to Ireland in the Spring I wanted to share some suggestions on how I think you could spend your free time. We can’t say what level of restriction we will be facing so with that in mind I'm going to keep my suggestions… More

Wellness Wednesday: Taking time to space out!

Gráinne Hand October 14, 2020

Once upon a time (in March of this year), a study abroad office of staff, busy at their desks in Dublin were told to pack up and go home! Our students had already been directed by their own government officials to return to the States but now staff in… More

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