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Assistant Director

Wellness Wednesday: Help with Homesickness

Gráinne Hand March 22, 2023

This week I'm going to share an article written by one of the students who studied in Spain back in 2019. She talks about a "new kind of homesickness" which she goes on to call "culture-sickness". To quote the student she says  "I feel culture-sick.… More

Wellness Wednesday: Paddies day incoming!

Gráinne Hand March 15, 2023

It’s Paddy’s weekend this weekend? Wow, we hardly noticed. It’s not like Dublin has become a sea of green and is teeming with excited tourists! I joke, town is BUZZING and the excitement is brimming as hundreds of thousands of people flock to the capital… More

Fifty Shades of Green- Sustainable Costume Design!

Gráinne Hand March 6, 2023

One of my fondest teenage memories is when I shaved my hair and pierced my nose! I was sixteen years old and I wanted to reinvent myself into something “different”. My inspiration was Sinead O’Connor (my idol) and it was during a Late Late show moment… More

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