Affording Study Abroad Part Two

Arcadia Abroad October 29, 2021

The Box “The box” is what you’re used to, and conventional thinking applies. It’s useful at times. But when it comes to affording study abroad, you also need to think outside it. Here are a few guidelines and suggestions as you rapidly approach Study… More

Affording Study Abroad: Part One

Arcadia Abroad October 29, 2021

Like all things worthwhile, study abroad is an investment, which means you have to put time, effort, and ... yes, funds, toward it. Not all the funds you put toward it have to be actual out-of-pocket dollars and cents coming from your (or your parents'/guardians')… More

Talking to Your Family About Study Abroad

Arcadia Abroad October 28, 2021

So, you’re thinking about studying abroad. There are so many choices! There are so many things to consider! Where do you start?  As with any important undertaking, you should start with planning and discussion. Assuming you’ve had the chat with your… More

Celebrating Juneteenth

John Fallon June 17, 2021

*Post written by and posted with permission of Chanae Brown,  Academic Technology Specialist, Arcadia University Happy Juneteenth!  In the spirit of celebration, we encourage you to listen to this playlist with ‘feel good' music while reading this post… More

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