Living with Greek Antiquity: The (virtual) Tour

Athens Center July 7, 2020

Some of our Athens Virtual Europe students are nearing the end of their time with us while elsewhere in Europe, students have begun session 2 classes. All of us working with the Virtual Europe summer programs in Athens, Rome, Barcelona, Granada, London… More

Virtual Europe Events in June: Check them out!

Dublin Center July 7, 2020

We cannot believe that June has already passed! At the start of the month we were joined by our Virtual Europe students for their courses being directed by each of our Centers in Dublin, London, Rome, Athens, Barcelona and Edinburgh. We are now in the… More

Scones: The Great British Controversy

London Center July 2, 2020

Traditionally consumed with a nice cup of tea in sedate surroundings, the scone - a little like an American biscuit - is as quintessential a part of British culture as the queen, fish and chips and an incomprehensible fascination with the weather. It… More

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