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Assistant Director

Wellness Wednesday: What to do in Ireland

Gráinne Hand November 11, 2020

As we prepare for students coming to Ireland in the Spring I wanted to share some suggestions on how I think you could spend your free time. We can’t say what level of restriction we will be facing so with that in mind I'm going to keep my suggestions… More

Wellness Wednesday: Taking time to space out!

Gráinne Hand October 14, 2020

Once upon a time (in March of this year), a study abroad office of staff, busy at their desks in Dublin were told to pack up and go home! Our students had already been directed by their own government officials to return to the States but now staff in… More

Wellness Wednesday: Return to School Self care

Gráinne Hand September 30, 2020

A few years ago I completed Mental Health First Aid training as an employee of the University. Since the training, they send out regular updates on mental health related topics and this week I would like to share some of those. In their recent update… More

Wellness Wednesday: Stepping into a new year

Gráinne Hand September 2, 2020

This week marks the start of the school year. Pre-schools, primary schools, secondary or high schools and third level colleges will begin the 2020 2021 academic year in very strange times. I feel that September is drummed into our brains from a young… More

Wellness Wednesday: The value of a catch up

Gráinne Hand August 19, 2020

This week, my supervisor, our Director,  suggested that I reach out to a colleague who we have worked with for quite some time. In my case, eighteen years. There were maybe one or two suggestions for the call but it was really meant to be a catch up.… More

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