Fáilte Abhaile!

Jennifer Hernandez September 11, 2018

Wednesday, 5 September. For me, today will be longer than most. Around 2:30 pm, I left Chicago. It’s now 7:00 am. I’m in Dublin Airport, shuffling through customs and dropping everything on the floor on my way through the line as I struggle to open and… More

How to Survive Orientation Abroad

Katie Coble September 10, 2018

Orientation is always stressful, but especially so when you’re at orientation for a study abroad program. Acclimating to a new city, a new language and new classmates can feel overwhelming. Your schedule is likely to be packed with activities to help… More

T-24 Hours

Emily Schneider September 10, 2018

In exactly 21 hours and 14 minutes from the time I am writing this post, I will be on a plane that is taking off to Heathrow Airport. I will be spending my fall semester studying abroad in Wales and I couldn't be more excited. Both my mom and I have been… More

Is this Really Happening?

Diana Angel Alvarez September 6, 2018

Does this happen to you, that as soon as someone asks you to write down your experience, your brain wipes out and goes blank? Well, it happens to me and more often than I would like to admit. I arrived to Toledo, Spain, with two weeks to anticipate the… More

I Am Here...

Morgan Block September 4, 2018

I made it to Ireland! I can’t believe I’m finally here! Today I will be meeting up with the rest of my programme in Dublin for our Arcadia orientation. The next week will be very busy, but I am SO ready for it! Packing for 4.5 months was really difficult… More

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