London From A Foreign Perspective

Destinee Norman June 17, 2019

Currently Studying At: ARCADIA IN LONDON Summer  Homeschool: The University of Texas at Austin This first week of my study abroad program has been filled with comparisons of what I was expecting versus the reality of how London really is. As I walk… More

My First Weekend as an Irish Lass

Loren Thomas June 12, 2019

Currently Studying at: STEM SUMMER RESEARCH - DUBLIN Homeschool: University of Michigan Hi again! I’ve been doing just grand this week. (Do you see that? I’m learning how to use their lingo!) Last week was a bit chaotic – learning how to navigate Dublin… More

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Abroad

Meghan Callahan June 11, 2019

Currently studying at: UNIVERSITY OF OTAGO, New Zealand Homeschool: Denison University I am writing this blog post during my layover in Auckland, New Zealand before I hop on the plane to San Francisco and then onto Pittsburgh. Looking back at when… More

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