Day in the Life

Kara McGeehan March 14, 2019

Kara Mcgeehan, Student Blogger, University Of Edinburgh, Scotland. I thought it would be fun, both for myself and others, to create a “Day in the Life: University of Edinburgh Visiting Student” vlog. I mainly create videos and blogs of different excursions… More

I’m Going on an Adventure

Liesel Rutland March 11, 2019

Liesel Rutland, Student Blogger, University Of Otago, New Zealand. It is kind of funny how every day is almost completely up in the air. For example, Monday through Thursday I have my normal class schedule. I try to go to the gym at some point every… More

Getting Caught Up

Logan Ludwig March 11, 2019

Logan Ludwig, Student Blogger, University of Westminster, England On Saturday, October 6th, 2018, I received my acceptance letter from the University of Westminster to for the Spring 2019 semester. I landed in London Heathrow Airport on January 10th… More

What Do You Mean...School?

Meghan Callahan March 11, 2019

Meghan Callahan, Student Blogger, University of Otago, New Zealand Looking back at all of my friends that have studied abroad, you only hear and see about all the cool things they do-- traveling to as many countries as possible in Europe, sky diving… More

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