Mom’s European Vacation

Alycia Parker December 23, 2018

Alycia Parker is a student blogger studying at Arcadia in Granada, Spain I apologize for not writing for so long! My mom came to visit me in the middle of November, and since then I have been super busy with classes, exams and trying to make the most… More


Jacob Vandever December 20, 2018

Jacob Vandever is a student blogger studying at the UMBRA INSTITUTE in Perugia, Italy Hello everyone. This is the last blog I’ll be writing (unfortunate I know). Today’s topic is going to be on staying in touch with people from your program once your… More

Addio and Arrivederci

Eliza Mikunda December 17, 2018

I am writing this on the flight from Heathrow to Chicago, and I have a lot of mixed emotions about the semester coming to an end. It’s crazy to think that I have lived in Perugia for almost four months. I feel like moments ago, I was stepping off the… More

Buon Natale da Perugia

Eliza Mikunda December 10, 2018

Christmas in Italy is magical. In the hill city, the air is just cold enough to make your nose red and your eyes water. About a week ago, an ice rink went up just around the corner from my apartment. It’s decorated with lights and garlands. All around… More

A Week of Must-Dos

Autumn Schorr December 7, 2018

Three months to live in London seems like plenty of time. But one day, you can use your fingers to count how many days you have left to do, see, and eat the last of what’s on your list! Unfortunately, the time you feel desperate to do it all is coupled… More

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