Two Weeks’ Notice

Colleen Morrison June 7, 2018

With only two weeks left, this blog serves as a reflection of the past four or so months and the impact that this experience has had on me. Sorry in advance for the length, but it’s worth it in my opinion. From the end of January to now I have spent… More


Sam Laughlin June 5, 2018

It was only natural that at the beginning of this study abroad experience that I was expecting these 5 and a half months to feel like an eternity away from home. Now I’m sitting here with what feels like borrowed time in a place I now consider my second… More

Off to Down Under

Brooke Stephens June 4, 2018

I currently have a little under three hours left of my flight to Brisbane, Australia and all of this still doesn’t seem real. Well, actually one thing does: how long this flight is! First, I flew from Cincinnati to LA and that was about 5 hours. Now,… More

Weekend in Wollongong

Regina Karmilovich May 31, 2018

In contrast to my previous semester in London, I’ve come to love and appreciate the calm, relaxed vibe of Australian culture. Likewise, I’ve noticed people who live and travel here often adopt this same kind of attitude. I think the scale and remoteness… More

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