Embedded Excursion to Marseille

Sílvia Serra March 6, 2018

Last weekend students taking the BUSP370 Brand Barcelona course visit the city of Marseille in France.  Known to the ancient Greeks and Romas as Massalia, Marseille was the most important trading center in the region and the main commercial port of the… More

Embedded Excursion to Zaragoza

Sílvia Serra February 19, 2018

Last Friday students taking the SPAN350 Spain Today course had the opportunity to visit Zaragoza, a city in the province of Aragon where they discover its gastronomy, history and culture. Founded as an outpost of the Roman Empire in 24 B.C., its original… More

La Vella Quaresma in Arcadia!

Agustina Balacco February 14, 2018

La Vella Quaresma is the time that it runs from Ash Wednesday until Holy Week. Currently, despite the fact that Lent has lost its intensity for securing society, Old Lent is still in force and adopts new forms of representation and celebration so we… More

Rumba Catalana Workshop

Agustina Balacco February 9, 2018

This week, some of our students had opportunity to take a class of Rumba Catalana; one of the most typical and cheerful dances here in Catalonia! Catalan Rumba, also known as Gypsy Rumba, is not flamenco, pop or rock music. It is a way of living, sensing… More

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