Embedded Excursion to Zaragoza

Sílvia Serra February 19, 2018

Last Friday students taking the SPAN350 Spain Today course had the opportunity to visit Zaragoza, a city in the province of Aragon where they discover its gastronomy, history and culture. Founded as an outpost of the Roman Empire in 24 B.C., its original… More

Becoming artists!

Sílvia Serra February 7, 2018

A regular session of Painting and Drawing course in the Artist’s studio.  Students arrive, take an easel, the materials to draw or paint, and start or continue the proposed exercise. Almost always there’s soft music in the ambient, which helps to isolate… More

Embedded Excursion to Museum of Exile and Colliure

Sílvia Serra November 29, 2017

A field study for the course 20th Century Spain, An Uneasy History took place last Friday. Our day trip to the Spanish-French border, the Museum of Exile and the small seaside village Colliure, was planned as a way to show students the hardship and pains… More

Embedded Excursion to Cosentino Center and Girona

Sílvia Serra November 10, 2017

The Cross Cultural Manament and International Finance classes had an interesting trip to Girona on Friday November 10th. We started our day visiting at the Cosentino Center, which is the leader in surfaces for design and architecture.  Isabel Martínez-Cosentino… More

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