The Three Wise Men Arrival

Sílvia Serra January 5, 2019

In Spain Christmas holidays last until January 6, the Three Kings’ Day (also known as The Three Wise Men). They are the ones who bring presents to everybody. According to the tradition, the three kings (Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar) followed a star that… More

Countdown to New Year’s in Barcelona!

Sílvia Serra December 31, 2018

In Barcelona, as in the rest of Spain, luck, love and prosperity come together with superstitions and traditions. Let’s learn some of them so you can start 2019 with the best good fortune.   Last dinner: Last dinner of the year is one of the most important… More


Elena Lázaro November 30, 2018

For those who never hear about the Catalan tradition of Caga Tió it can sound a bit weird and at the same time funny, but it is real and it has an ancient history. But, what is Caga Tió? The literally meaning of it is the Pooping Uncle and it is originally… More

Sant Esteve

Elena Lázaro November 26, 2018

  Sant Esteve is the day after Christmas, this is the 26th of December and it is only celebrated  in Catalonia, the rest of states in Spain don’t have holiday and the reason come from the nine century. In the Carlistas times families used to gather in… More

Christmas Eve

Elena Lázaro November 22, 2018

CHRISTMAS EVE Christmas Eve or Nochebuena (literally translated as a” The Good Night”), is very important for the most of the spanish families. They join all together to have dinner, enjoying with all members of the familiy, some of them maintain the… More

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