Four Things I Learned Interning Abroad in Sydney!

Phoebe Atanasov February 1, 2023

Four Things I Learned Interning Abroad in Sydney! As I’m beginning my Summer 2023 internship search, every recruiter I’ve talked to has askedme about my time as an intern and studying in Australia. I absolutely love sharing my experiences because outside… More

My Experience with Race and Ethnicity Abroad

Student Voices April 25, 2019

Becca Lind, a Denison University student, studied with us at Griffith University in Fall of 2017. Becca is currently an Alumni Ambassador. Here, Becca talks about her time abroad in Australia, her experience as an Asian American studying abroad and finding… More

My Transformation in Australia

Student Voices December 12, 2018

Vania Suriel Homeschool: Arcadia University Currently Studying abroad: Bond University, Fall 2018   Future: Sydney Internship, Spring 2019    Thus far, Australia has been a crazy journey. This semester has been life-changing for more reasons than… More

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