Erica Salowe


University of Aberdeen, Scotland

The Reels of History

Erica Salowe March 23, 2017

If you are going to visit Scotland, especially the Highlands, a key destination is the Culloden Battlefield. I was lucky enough to see the historic site thanks to Arcadia and their Isle of Skye and Highlands travel weekend. We hit many stops in those… More

Highlander for a Weekend

Erica Salowe March 10, 2017

One of the most memorable experiences of my time here so far has been the Arcadia Highlands Activity Weekend, which took place at the Firbush Centre in Killin, a village in the Scottish Highlands. To get there, I had to travel two hours by train to Stirling… More

Celebrating 21 in the Scottish Highlands

Erica Salowe February 16, 2017

I’ve wanted to study abroad in Scotland since I was about sixteen years old. To fuel my insatiable curiosity about the terrain, I remember poring over countless images on Google and being shell-shocked at the sheer beauty of the rugged mountains and sweeping… More

Getting Off My High Horse

Erica Salowe January 31, 2017

Movie stars make horse riding look incredibly effortless—as if it’s no big deal to hop up on the nearest wild mare and gallop off into the sunset. Surely it’s not painful to ride bareback at a steady trot, and surely the horse will take directive of where… More

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