Rachel Proctor


University of Stirling, Scotland

Saying Goodbye to a Place I Have Come to Love

Rachel Proctor May 10, 2016

I’m sitting here on the lawn, on campus, looking out over the loch as the sun is setting and reflecting on my journey as the sun glistens on the loch. I’ve had the best adventures, traveling around Scotland and experiencing all that it has to offer and… More

Scotland Adventures

Rachel Proctor March 27, 2016

I went on an amazing weekend trip to the Firbush Point Field Centre near Loch Tay. It was great to get away and to enjoy nature, while staying over in a rustic log cabin with breathtaking views of the Highland Mountains. This weekend trip was one of Arcadia's… More

Finding my Niche

Rachel Proctor February 17, 2016

A home isn’t just a place that you live in. You can feel at home with people you meet, connect with and become close to. You can also have multiple homes, places, and people that are close to your heart and you share many memories with. I may have grown… More

Reflecting on my journey ahead

Rachel Proctor January 8, 2016

As I sat down to write this first blog post, I began to reflect about the exciting adventures I will have during my study abroad experience in Scotland. I’ve been dreaming about the opportunity to study abroad since I was in high school, though trying… More