Remedies for Homesickness

Hannah Jane Zalewski Dublin, Ireland


November 21, 2022

It has been a total of 10 weeks since I have arrived in Ireland. Unfortunately, I have already experienced the most dreaded part of coming abroad: homesickness. But, there are some things I have found have helped me cope with this new challenge. 


  • Say yes to everything, even when you don’t want to

The simplest way to handle homesickness, or prolong the arrival of such, is to distract yourself from what you are missing. Putting yourself in as many new situations and meeting as many new people as possible will do just that. Try to say yes to things that push you out of your comfort zone. You’ll remain engaged and might surprise yourself with what you can do!

  • Bring your hobbies abroad

It is important to continue the activities that make you feel most like yourself. For me, this means I am still an avid crocheter, even in Ireland (when I am not exploring this fabulous country, of course! ;)). Since arriving, I have even crocheted a pair of mittens. 

  • Become involved on campus

The best way to get over homesickness is to find a new community abroad. In the first couple weeks of school, try to find a society, or sports team to join. For me, that has been joining the Newman Catholic Society. By becoming involved on campus in this way, I met new people and found a community on campus that makes me feel like I belong. 

  • Set a time to talk to loved ones

If you are always communicating with your family and friends, you will be constantly aware that you are away from them. Instead, try to plan a day and time to talk to them. Not only will you have something to look forward to, but in the time between calls, you will participate in activities, travel and have new experiences, which you can tell them about.

  • Set a routine and stick to it!

Homesickness is a response to the newness of your life abroad. So, try to set a daily routine to normalize life. For me, this has looked like waking up, eating meals and going to bed at the same time every day. In these small yet deliberate actions, my life in Ireland feels normal.

Although some people barely struggle with being homesick, it is quite likely you will miss some people, places or pieces of your life from home. Thus, it is better to be prepared than to have it sneak up on you. Yet, it is important to remember that homesickness is normal. So, try to enjoy every moment of your program, because it is only a matter of months before you’ll be missing the life you created abroad.