Wellness Wednesday: The Importance of Community

Gráinne Hand September 21, 2022

One of the greatest and most important things in life is to be part of something. In many ways it really is central to the human experience. We learn from each other, relate to each other, grow within ourselves and at a deeper level feel relevant.  In… More

Fall 2022 Co-Curricular Events Ireland

Gráinne Hand July 26, 2022

It is that time again! We are building up to our new Academic Year 2022-2023 where Fall Semester and full year students are frantically preparing for their Semester in Ireland! This also means planning of all our events and what a line-up we have! Recently… More

Instagram Takeover

Gráinne Hand June 15, 2022

We are excited to have one of our Summer students Tessa Buscher take over our Instagram page tomorrow. Tessa is on our UCD STEM Summer Research programme and is living on campus in the vibrant area of Dublin 4. She is from the University of North Carolina… More

My recent trip to the Burren College of Art

Gráinne Hand April 27, 2022

As I left Galway and headed towards Co. Clare my senses heightened as I took quick glances of the landscape, the green fields, the sky, the sea and the sheer beauty of the Burren. It is here that three of our students, Mia, Bristol and Rebecca have spent… More