Michael Turgeon


University of Auckland, New Zealand

A Trite Tale About a Sand Dollar

Michael Turgeon August 11, 2017

When you’re a kid, every new experience and discovery in life is so emotionally momentous. I have a distinct memory of being 8 years old and traversing a Northern California beach with my dad, when I stumbled on what I thought of as the discovery of a… More

Left and Wrong

Michael Turgeon July 25, 2017

Everything feels backwards. It’s suddenly the dead of winter, the water spins the other way, there are new stars in the sky, and folks drive on the left. This last point became particularly salient last Saturday, when I woke up early and walked into a… More


Michael Turgeon July 13, 2017

4:45AM. Waiting patiently in line at the baggage check for Hawaiian Airlines at the Sacramento International Airport, and an old lady wearing a floral uniform with a vibrant tropical flower in her hair and a distinct scowl on her face clocks into work… More

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