Maddie Oslejsek


Royal Holloway University of London, England

Autumn, Pumpkin Carving Lessons, and Cupcakes

Maddie Oslejsek November 2, 2015

Though autumn has always been my favorite time of year with the dashes of orange and yellow covering the pavement, scarves and jumpers becoming an everyday staple, and pumpkin flavoring being added to everything, I can definitely say that this season… More

Underground, Ranch Dressing, and Memories

Maddie Oslejsek October 17, 2015

Yesterday marked the one-month anniversary of my arrival in the country I have been in love with ever since I was a little kid. The memories I have made here so far are among the list of best moments in my life.  I cannot begin to express the feeling… More

Dr. Seuss, Ambiance, and Being in Love

Maddie Oslejsek September 17, 2015

During the entire flight overseas, I was pinching myself because I really could not believe that I was headed to achieve a dream that I have had since I was ten-years-old. I still could not believe it when I arrived in London yesterday at 09:30. It was… More

Worries, Socrates, and Clichés…

Maddie Oslejsek August 3, 2015

Forty-two days. That is all that is standing between me and my dreams. Forty. Two. Days. As time dwindles down, I cannot help but grow more and more excited! But, the excitement is accompanied by countless worries. Have I saved enough money? Will I be… More

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