Laura Yang


University of Melbourne, Australia

Another Week…Another Orientation…Another Adventure

Laura Yang February 17, 2017

If you haven’t read my last blog post yet (which you should read now before you continue reading this one!!!), you’ll know that I’ve been in Australia for a couple of days now. My first few days were in Sydney for Arcadia’s orientation, but as of Thursday… More

Three Days of Sydney: How to be the Ultimate Tourist

Laura Yang February 9, 2017

As of Monday February 6th, 8:30am AEST, (or Sunday February 5th, 4:30pm EST), I officially am in Australia – Sydney to be specific. When I got my luggage and passed through customs without an issue, I found the Arcadia Staff members waiting for us, along… More

Quick Packing Tips While I’m Still Packing

Laura Yang January 19, 2017

Enrollment? Check. Health Insurance? Check. Passport? Check. Student Visa? Check. Luggage? Well, that’s what’s left for me to do, but no worries - I still have about two weeks to pack my stuff before departing the country. My only problem now is to figure… More

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