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Umbra Institute, Italy

Old Flavio Had a Farm…

Kristi Stringer January 19, 2015

I traveled to one of the most stunning places I have been in Italy last Sunday. The Arcadia students went as a group to the Orsini Family Farm today. It is a completely sustainable farm that has several kinds of livestock, olives, grapes and the fagiolina… More

Perugia Bella!

Kristi Stringer January 12, 2015

So I have been in Italy for about a week now. Perugia is a city as beautiful as it is ancient; with cobblestone streets, chocolate shops older than my hometown, and the most stunning hillside views at sunset. Wandering around, you feel as if you are in… More

Overwhelmed and Underprepared

Kristi Stringer December 31, 2014

Do you see those up there? Those are some of the many lists I have written to try and maintain some semblance of control while preparing to go to Italy. It seemed as if every time I would check an item off, three more would pop up like some sort of academic… More

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