Emma Lodes


University of Otago, New Zealand

Kepler Adventure

Emma Lodes March 30, 2015

In the southwest corner of the New Zealand’s south island lies Fiordland. It’s the southernmost nob of the Southern Alps, a waterlogged region of mountains and coast that’s been gouged by glaciers, uplifted by crashing tectonic plates, and invaded by… More

Back to the Cretaceous at the Catlins

Emma Lodes March 24, 2015

It was like I imagine the rolling green hills of the English countryside, just after dawn. Skies cold patchy blue behind a marine layer, rising sun backlighting the clouds. Our geology mobile, a retro-looking white and blue touring bus from the 90’s,… More

Queenstown Weekend

Emma Lodes March 16, 2015

Hugging Lake Wakatipu, built among forested slopes and cradled by a mountain range literally called The ‘Remarkables’, Queenstown is a crescent of blissfully idyllic cabins, cafes, ski runs and gondolas. Some of the Lord of the Rings’ most dramatically… More

Spiritual Science

Emma Lodes March 3, 2015

Before the earth, before the sun and the moon there was nothing but Io– a genderless, parentless energy dancing within the void. Io was, and is, the potential of the world, and the Maori spiritual equivalent to the Christian God. Within the darkness and… More

Welcome to Otago

Emma Lodes February 25, 2015

It's night, the stars are out, and a bonfire is burning wildly in the middle of the road. Green shards of glass from smashed bottles are strewn about the flames. Through a thick column of smoke, you can see that the entire street is filled with a mosh… More

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