Carolyn Fales


University of Westminster, England

Wales Weekend

Carolyn Fales October 12, 2014

I'm writing this from a train speeding back to London from the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales. I spent the past weekend here and it was incredible. We left London Friday in the afternoon and got to Wales around seven at night. While the train ride was… More

Weekend in Venice

Carolyn Fales October 6, 2014

So I went on my first visit to another country in Europe. When I left London it was quite rainy, although that's what I've come to expect. I boarded a plane with the destination of Venice, Italy. I think it really began to hit me as to where I was going… More

Getting Oriented with London

Carolyn Fales September 17, 2014

Wow. It’s been a week since I’ve been here and my time is already flying by. I arrived safely off the plane, albeit a little groggy. As much as I tried to sleep on the flight I managed to not get any rest. We trekked through customs and found our way… More

A new adventure

Carolyn Fales September 10, 2014

I’ve never traveled to another country and I didn’t really think I would want to study abroad during college. I’m really involved in student media at Quinnipiac and I didn’t think I could be away from that. However, last year I decided I needed a new… More

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