Bailey Smith


University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Seeing Scotland

Bailey Smith February 6, 2017

The past few weeks of my trip have gone very quickly. I am now a month in and I feel rather comfortable here. One of my main goals when I came here was to see as much of Scotland (and Europe) as I could while I am here. So far I think I have been doing… More

Who Would Have Thought?...

Bailey Smith January 25, 2017

Two weeks into my study abroad program and I feel like I have been in Edinburgh for a year. Every day feels incredibly long in a good way. The first week was full of various info sessions and awkward introductions with every person I sat next to in orientation… More

Not Goodbye, But See You Soon

Bailey Smith January 13, 2017

Preparing for my trip abroad has been an interesting experience. In the last few weeks I have been watching every Scottish television show and movie to, as my mom says, “get into the Scottish mood.” What has been one of the most interesting things for… More

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