Alysa Tarrant


King's College London, England

Vegan Afternoon High Tea

Alysa Tarrant January 20, 2018

When I think of England, one of the first things that comes to mind is tea, more specifically, high tea in the afternoon. So of course, I had to go! After doing some research about different vegan tea options around town, I decided to go with Egerton… More

First Impressions of London

Alysa Tarrant January 7, 2018

Two plane rides and three nights in a hotel later and I am finally moved in to my accommodation for the next five months. Tomorrow will begin the orientation for King’s College and in just a short week I will be preparing to begin classes. What a wild… More

6 Months, 3 Seasons, 1 Suitcase

Alysa Tarrant December 19, 2017

Hello all and welcome to my first blog post! My name is Alysa and I am currently a sophomore at The College of Wooster, studying communication studies, French, and elementary education. I will be studying at King’s College in London, leaving January 2nd… More

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