The Inevitable

Marta Armour October 23, 2017

You can’t escape it. You know it’s going to happen at least once or maybe even a dozen times while you’re abroad. You will get sick. But you’ll be ok, I promise. This blog is a bit late because I got sick. Really sick, I was uncomfortably hot in temperatures… More

Weekend with Dad

Ben Garnitz October 18, 2017

Two weeks in I finally began to get my bearings in Granada. I knew how to get to class; I became familiar with some waiters at a few cafes and bars; and where to get churros late at night. My dad had a meeting in Madrid so a few days before he came to… More

Albayzín and Alhambra

Marta Armour October 5, 2017

This week was orientation. Classes haven’t start so there’s still the “wow” factor going on. We had hours and hours of lectures about safety and travel. Thanks to our wonderful program managers Marta and Eugenia we all feel fully prepared to take on Granada… More

Last Week at Home: Goodbyes and Packing

Marta Armour September 22, 2017

The final days before departure include many goodbyes, final work shifts, and lots and lots of packing and repacking. Packing for an entire academic year has been insanely challenging, but saying goodbye to everyone has been harder. Saying goodbye to… More

Look at this Cheap Flight

Katie Thompson-Taylor April 7, 2017

"Oh look at this cheap flight! I'm going." I only have a month left here and I am officially freaking out, which is probably why my friends and I have been traveling more and more: our deadline of going back to our normal lives in the United States is… More

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