You've Got a Friend in Me

Sarah Shanes February 21, 2018

In preschool, if you wanted to be friends with someone, all you would have to do is go up to them, ask to share their blocks, and then boom, you’re friends. Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that making friends isn’t quite that simple… More

We went paragliding?! / Fuimos en parapente?!

Melanie Brown February 19, 2018

Preface: This post will focus on the weekend in which Nick, my boyfriend, visited me (one time for the price of three!) in Granada. He gave me an IOU for a future paragliding trip in Europe for Christmas about two years ago, so this was a long time coming… More

I’m Famous in Granada?! (Not Clickbait)

Melanie Brown February 12, 2018

El Día de San Cecilio, patrón de Granada Corrina, Bethany, and I heard about a really cool celebration of the patron saint of Granada from our Spanish friends and decided to see what it was all about. We made the one hour hike up the extremely hilly… More

Granada, finally! / Finalmente estamos en Granada!

Melanie Brown February 6, 2018

Parque Federico García Lorca In this blog, I’m only going to document the days that stick out to me most—the ones that contain my favorite memories and the ones that I most want to share! After an extensive orientation, I was delighted to have an entire… More

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