20 Days, 150 Miles Walked, 1,224 Miles Traveled

Lauren Herbine March 17, 2017

As I finally sit down to write this, I have to minimize tabs upon tabs of campsites, camper vans, and tramping tracks. I don’t think I’ve sat still since arriving in New Zealand, and I have yet to experience a full weekend in Wellington, my new home.… More

Kiwis and Classes

Madelline Morgan-Knox March 9, 2017

Kia Ora! The thrill of orientation is over. Classes will start soon. Or at least that’s what I thought. The week before classes is called O-Week and it’s nothing short of one longggg party where you meet loads of people and soak up the summer sun. I bonded… More

Keepers of the Light

Jay Burnett March 9, 2017

On New Year’s Day in 1859, high above thrashing waves on a rocky coastline, a light shone brightly, cutting the dark night with its luminous glow. The source of the light was the Pencarrow Lighthouse, New Zealand’s first permanent lighthouse. It took… More

A First Week Review

Victor-Alan Weeks March 7, 2017

After arriving in New Zealand and exploring a bit of Auckland for a day, we made our way to Rotorua to stay for two days. Here we were able to experience the beauty of hot mineral spas, lots of sheep, Zorbing, Lady Knox Geyser, and Hydrogen sulfide. Aside… More

The Land of the Long White Cloud

Lillian Beach March 2, 2017

“The Land of the Long White Cloud” is the English translation for the Maori term “Aotearoa”, which is an alternative name for New Zealand.  Situated in the Southern Hemisphere East of Australia, New Zealand is a beautiful little country made up of three… More

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