Get Out There and Take a Look Around

Lana Valente October 27, 2017

Being abroad is the adventure of a lifetime, and it truly changes you forever. Being separated from everything you know (for four months!) is a big deal, but sometimes it doesn’t entirely feel real until you actually leave your host country to explore… More

Being American Abroad

Haley Winkle October 16, 2017

It seems counterproductive to flock to the things advertising an English label with your English-speaking friends while abroad in a non-English-speaking country. For example, visiting American-style stores and restaurants and going to see an English production… More

At Home in Italy

Lana Valente October 9, 2017

A lot can change in a few weeks... But sometimes, nothing does! I'm far more comfortable than I was during the first month, because after four or five weeks, you build a routine. Italian life has settled well with me, like a good meal that took time to… More

Quick Question, Is This Real? A Field Study in Tuscany

Haley Winkle October 2, 2017

Rarely before have I spent a weekend asking myself and those around me, “Is this real?” in true disbelief. Then again, these past two days have been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m taking the legendary Dr. K’s food studies course this semester… More

The Adjustment Process

Lana Valente September 22, 2017

Did you know that within one day, you can make at least four friends? Sounds a bit far-fetched, I know. But you learn something new every day, and when you're thrust into a unique situation with several other people, friendships form almost immediately… More

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