What I See, Take A Look!

Ashley Dahl February 15, 2018

This is a video I made of the few of the many memories compiled here in Australia. I really can’t believe it has already flown by this fast (we are at midterms). The video includes a few clips from exploring Noosa last weekend. Noosa is a national park… More

The Unknown

Camila Lupi February 11, 2018

As I sit by a window in LAX’s international terminal snacking on one of the homemade muffins my mom and I managed to pack into my stuffed backpack, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the bittersweet feelings of leaving home to study abroad. In about… More

After Study Abroad

Regina Karmilovich February 5, 2018

Finally starting to settle back into life at home in the states, although I must tell you it feels less like home after spending three months abroad. The brilliant thing about my experience in London was that from day one it felt homey and welcoming.… More

The Day I Jumped Out of My Comfort Zone (Literally)

Ashley Dahl February 1, 2018

Looking back to my 15-hour plane ride to the bottom of the Earth, I remember thinking as I looked out the plane’s tiny little window at a beautiful mountainous view, that in just a few hours I would meet new people. However, I never knew just how amazing… More

Waiting is Hard to Do - So Pack!

Jessica Pidgley January 16, 2018

If you’re anything like me, sitting around and waiting for the adventure in front of you is an excruciating experience. While your friends are back at school and your siblings are quite busy with their own lives, you must simply wait. This isn’t necessarily… More

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