Why City Envy is a Good Thing

Allison Gordon September 7, 2017

This weekend, three of my friends and I flew to Avalon, a tiny airport outside Melbourne, to drive the Great Ocean Road. Although we had carefully planned the week before, the trip felt spontaneous and exciting. It’s definitely not something I would have… More

Sand & Surf (+Waves & Wind)

Anne Hsia August 21, 2017

AHHHH just came back from Surfer’s Paradise in Gold Coast and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You know how the postcards of San Francisco are photoshopped to make the colours really bright, where the Golden Gate Bridge is bright red, the sky is blue, and it’s sunny… More

A Day in the City

Becca Choi August 15, 2017

Cairns is a beautiful city. From the lodge, the bus into town takes about 30 minutes. It drops us off in the heart of the city, not far from the Esplanade. The Esplanade is the beautiful walk that lines the bay. It goes from the pier, where the yacht… More

One Note About Academics While Abroad…

Allison Gordon August 15, 2017

Finding balance in college is difficult. On paper, I went to college to expand my educational opportunities, get a degree, and secure a job after graduation. But I also went to join clubs and societies, meet new people, and maybe sleep in every once… More

Plot Twist

Anne Hsia August 14, 2017

What is the probability that two people (in a Uni with 50k students) have 2/4 of the same classes? The probability is probably higher than expected, actually, but anyway, you guessed it. Last week during MXB241(Probability and Stochastic Modeling II)… More

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