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Ups, Downs, and Adventures Galore

Recap on the Past Month Since my last posts, so much has happened. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here and halfway through… More

Sammy K. James Cook University, Australia


Sammy K.


James Cook University, Australia


Hi! I'm Sammy Kessler, a third year student from Roger Williams University in RI. I'm extremely excited to be studying in Queensland, Australia at James Cook University, Townsville this semester. I was drawn to this school because of my strong passions in biology, nature, and the environment, as well as my life-long desire to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Plus, I couldn't say no to the tropics! I am what one may call a "tree hugger," and at home I'm a Biology and Environmental Chemistry double major, with a minor in Public and Professional Writing. I'm following a Pre-Vet track, as my ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian, and to contribute to the world of conservation medicine. My other passions, as you may have figured out, are writing and travel. I am currently in an online Travel Blogging academic course through my home university, and those travel pieces have a central focus on the natural environment and environmental issues in the locations I will be living and traveling in Australia. Here, I will be sharing some of those pieces, along with some of my own personal insights and experiences, so stay tuned if you're interested in the nature and environment of Australia!

Ups, Downs, and Adventures Galore

Sammy K. April 21, 2015

Recap on the Past Month Since my last posts, so much has happened. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here and halfway through the semester. With mid-semester break about to start, I’ve got some crazy-exciting trips coming up SO SOON. But first, I will… More

Figuring It All Out

Sammy K. February 16, 2015

After three days of informative orientation with Arcadia University's study abroad faculty down in the Melbourne area, I thought I was feeling fairly adjusted to this new country. I was pretty used to the left-side driving, and had even learned (the hard… More

A Day in Melbourne

Sammy K. February 13, 2015

The sidewalks were busy, and the streets moved quickly. Too caught up in taking pictures of the intricate and vibrant graffiti art on a lively alleyway, I lost my group. My small leader was hard to pick out of a crowd, and the group had already rounded… More

Leaving, On a Jet Plane

Sammy K. February 9, 2015

There’s something about airports that make the world feel so attainable. When I gaze at the numerous flights on the departure board, listing flight numbers, gates, and destinations, I feel in awe. My flight is booked to a particular destination, of course… More