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First Week in Sydney

G’day mates! This message comes to you from the land down under! I’ve been living in Sydney, Australia for just over a week… More

Regina Karmilovich University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


Regina Karmilovich


University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


Hello! My name is Regina Karmilovich. I'm a junior transfer student studying Global Media at Arcadia University with a specialization in Visual Cultures. This program allows me to spend a year studying abroad. So after returning from London, UK last semester, I now look forward to studying in sunny Sydney, Australia this spring. Figuring things out as I go along, I enjoy finding new music to motivate me and new places to satisfy my taste for adventure. I hope you'll join me as I step out of my introvert shell in the land down under and document life abroad. Cheers!

First Week in Sydney

Regina Karmilovich March 8, 2018

G’day mates! This message comes to you from the land down under! I’ve been living in Sydney, Australia for just over a week now and with classes just around the corner, I’m scrambling to settle in, get the lay of the land, and be as prepared as possible… More

After Study Abroad

Regina Karmilovich February 5, 2018

Finally starting to settle back into life at home in the states, although I must tell you it feels less like home after spending three months abroad. The brilliant thing about my experience in London was that from day one it felt homey and welcoming.… More

Happy Christmas! (It's Almost Over)

Regina Karmilovich December 4, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year here in London! Today we had a first snowfall - just flurries, but still very exciting. Something about the holidays here seems so magical to me. Because the UK hardly celebrates Halloween or Thanksgiving, Christmas… More

Reading Week - Uni in the U.K.

Regina Karmilovich November 16, 2017

Reading Week is a confusing and surreal time during university. Now that I’m halfway through my semester, I think I’ve had a good taste of academic life at Goldsmiths, but this week really threw me for a loop. First off, Reading Week is a full week without… More

Traveling Where You Are

Regina Karmilovich October 23, 2017

A big part of studying abroad is planning travel to other countries, especially when Europe is so accessible. In fact, the number one question I get asked as an international student is, “What are your travel plans?” While this is a perfectly valid and… More

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