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Studying Abroad When You're Broke

I do not come from an affluent family. I have no shame in saying this now that I’m away, but at Northwestern University,… More

Noelle McGee University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Noelle McGee


University of Edinburgh, Scotland


My name is Noelle McGee, and I am a rising junior who is traveling to Scotland to study abroad. My home school is Northwestern University, and I’m originally from Chicago, which is where I grew up for all my life. I’m leaving my Mom back home with my pets (three dogs, four cats, two turtles), my family on my Mom’s side also in Chicago, and my younger and only sister who just started university in California. I’m leaving all of my friends back on campus as well; the support groups I had were on in Chicago and at my home university. I’ve never travelled outside of the county before, and I can count on my fingers the number of states I’ve visited before in my current 20 years of life; however, I made the bold decision to study abroad for an entire year at the University of Edinburgh. My goals for my time here is to learn how to adjust to a new culture and overall country that has a significantly small Black population, adjusting to my American conceptions and using them here, interpreting accents, and also growing individually and discovering myself. I care a lot about my identities of being a Black woman, and these identities, along with being American and being from Chicago, will be the lenses that I use as I navigate a new environment, and this blog will be a way to track the changes that happen in this time in my life.

Studying Abroad When You're Broke

Noelle McGee November 8, 2017

I do not come from an affluent family. I have no shame in saying this now that I’m away, but at Northwestern University, it’s something that brought me a lot of shame. I’m the oldest child at home, and when I was able to work, I put that money in to help… More

Depressed in a Tourist City

Noelle McGee October 10, 2017

Week seven has come to a close and I must say that I am have reached the end of my honeymoon phase being abroad. The nights are now longer due to Daylight’s Savings, the air is getting more bitter, and my depression is slipping in the space that was my… More

A New World of Cultural Appropriation & Exploitation

Noelle McGee September 20, 2017

I knew that I would be thrown into a completely different culture, but not like this. The first day my exchange advisors released us into the city, I was baffled by many things going on. In the U.S., everyone is just now discovering thrift stores and… More

Turning Pessimism into Optimism

Noelle McGee September 7, 2017

I started my journey with first paying a $200 overweight fee for my luggage. Although I could’ve been distressed that I had lost so much of the money I had, I remained optimistic. Since I’m staying for the entire academic year, my thought process was… More