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London, England


Hello! My name is Lauren Young and my life is a tad bit extraordinary. From the ripe age of two I've been a rolling stone, living all across America in at least ten different homes that I can recall. I promised myself as a silly, small-town high school graduate that I would remain stationary for as long as I had a say in it throughout college. Now, three years later I find myself enrolled at the University of South Carolina studying Advertising and English… in London, England. Yeah, so I might not have kept up with my promise or remained stationary but I have managed to keep up with my extraordinary life. I have found that I live to travel, meet new people, photograph anything/everything, and write (man, do I love to write). As for now, I can't guarantee London will be able to keep this rolling stone from rolling; But I can guarantee some hilarious mishaps, unintentional adventures, and photographs worth more than a thousand words. So now, I invite you to join me, myself, and I on our year adventure across the pond. Ta ta for now!

Never Leave the Netherlands

Lauren Y. March 31, 2015

Despite the subarctic temperatures, wind chill of around negative 500 and severe rain… IT WAS GREAT! One thing I was not prepared for was the dramatic shift in weather. Obviously, I had not done enough research prior to my visit abroad because it’s apparently… More

A Weekend in Normandy

Lauren Y. March 12, 2015

Tell them of us, and say "For your tomorrow, We gave our today.​" Like many Americans, I have deep roots within the war. My great uncle Gerald flew into France as a young boy upon one of America’s flimsy gliders. These wooden planes were towed in behind… More

How to Learn to Live

Lauren Y. March 4, 2015

With all the time I've spent in London, I've managed to learn a few important things about myself:  First off, before moving here I was very ill equipped for rapid weather change. Old me would have just glanced out the window and saw a clear sky and… More

Mr. Worldwide

Lauren Y. March 2, 2015

The Wallace Collection: Last week I got the opportunity to visit one of, in my opinion, the coolest museum collections in all of London. The story goes, Mr. Wallace and his wife moved to the Marylebone area from Paris and brought their massive art collection… More

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