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Euro Invasion

I'd like to say that my semester abroad has taught me deep, meaningful lessons about myself, my place in the world, and humanity… More

Katie Thompson-Taylor University College Cork, Ireland


Katie Thompson-Taylor


University College Cork, Ireland


Hi all! I'm Katie, a senior English major with minors in Philosophy and Psychology from Muskingum University. I have two last names and no, it's not because I'm married. My parents just thought sounded nice or would be funny or something. I fall in love with just about every dog and cup of coffee that I meet, and if I'm not reading some kind of book or running around having adventures, I'm probably stuffing my face with food and binge-watching something on Netflix. I like to dabble in creative nonfiction style writing (and I like to think I'm rather funny, so hopefully you get a good occasional chuckle), so join me as I jump the pond and tell you all about my adventures in Cork, Ireland!

Euro Invasion

Katie Thompson-Taylor May 5, 2017

I'd like to say that my semester abroad has taught me deep, meaningful lessons about myself, my place in the world, and humanity at large. And perhaps it has, as the more I travel, the more I realize that people are a lot more alike than they'd probably… More

Look at this Cheap Flight

Katie Thompson-Taylor April 7, 2017

"Oh look at this cheap flight! I'm going." I only have a month left here and I am officially freaking out, which is probably why my friends and I have been traveling more and more: our deadline of going back to our normal lives in the United States is… More

Big Ben, Murals, and Cliffs

Katie Thompson-Taylor February 27, 2017

As cliche as it might be, the phrase "time flies when you're having fun" has never held more true for me than right now. I blinked and suddenly I realized that I've been here almost 2 months. But that gives me a lot more experience to give advice for… More

Freedom is a Heck of a Drug

Katie Thompson-Taylor February 1, 2017

It's hard to believe that I'm already in my third week of studying abroad in Cork. It feels like no time has gone by at all, but also like I've been here for as long as I can remember. Looking back on my fear of leaving my friends and family back in the… More

Mild Identity Crisis

Katie Thompson-Taylor January 9, 2017

This year, instead of clothes and shoes for Christmas, I got an RFID-blocking wallet and a secret money stash that snaps onto a bra strap, not to mention several other travel-friendly items. It's made this whole "sure, I'll go live in Ireland for a third… More