Kalee Shomo


Glasgow School of Art, Scotland


Cead mile fàilte! I am a junior Interior Design major at Arcadia University, with a minor in arts entrepreneurship and curatorial studies. I was born in Laguna Beach, California, but have been living right outside Philadelphia for multiple years now, attending Arcadia and studying art. This semester I will be attending the Glasgow School of Art, in the lively city of Glasgow, Scotland! I’m really looking forward to experiencing a new country, developing as an artist, and sharing the music and art scene in Glasgow with all of you. Cheers!

Adjusting to the Experience of a Lifetime

Kalee Shomo September 15, 2017

Scotland; the home of wet weather, limited sun, thick accents, and of course… Haggis. Landing in Edinburgh I was nervous to enter a whole new realm, but I was also excited for the upcoming experience that would shape me into a better artist, student,… More

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