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One Last Adventure

My time studying abroad in New Zealand is coming to a close, but the real adventure is just beginning. Next week four friends… More

Julian C. University of Auckland, New Zealand


Julian C.


University of Auckland, New Zealand


Greetings bloggees (a word that I have just invented!). My name is Julian and I am a junior studying computer engineering at the University of Auckland city campus. I go to school at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley back in the states. I’m only here for a semester, but I hope to make the most of my study abroad experience. For me, this means lots of exploring the outdoors-- tramping, skiing, road-tripping, camping, and cycling are all favorite activities of mine. I’m an avid photographer, so I hope to bring you stunning photos of New Zealand’s landscape and random bits and pieces of island life that I find interesting. Keep up with my voyage through Aotearoa on this blog!

One Last Adventure

Julian C. November 9, 2015

My time studying abroad in New Zealand is coming to a close, but the real adventure is just beginning. Next week four friends and I will set off on a month long journey by car from Auckland to the South Island and back up again. We’ll be living off the… More

Skiing New Zealand

Julian C. September 28, 2015

During week 2 of mid-semester break (New Zealand equivalent of spring break—and yes, it’s TWO weeks), fellow Arcadian, Taimur Shah, and I went skiing with the Auckland University Snow Sports club. The club owns a lodge on one side of Mt. Ruapehu and takes… More

It's worth it

Julian C. September 3, 2015

Halfway through the semester! The first week of my mid-semester break is coming to an end, and so far I’ve done…nothing. I have, however, got some well-needed rest. After kayaking last weekend and my 21st birthday (which doesn’t mean much in a country… More

Kayaking on the Waikato

Julian C. August 14, 2015

Every weekend in New Zealand has been an adventure. I have spent a total of one weekend in Auckland and plan on reserving most weekends for exploration of the surrounding area and of the North Island. Last weekend I discovered that on-campus clubs is… More

Exploring Northland: Part 2

Julian C. July 27, 2015

This post is the second half of my adventure in Northland with 10 Arcadia students continued from last week. The next day, we awoke before daybreak and trekked along the beach for a beautiful view of the sun rising over the ocean. We left quickly, as… More

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