JayLeen Murray


NUI Galway, Ireland


Hello!  I am a junior at Penn State studying Journalism, English and Women’s Studies. This semester I am beyond eager to start exploring the cultural heart of Ireland at the National University of Ireland, Galway. I am a New Jersey beach bum native who loves writing, reading, talking and everything in between.  Come with me as I travel across seas and get lost one cobblestone street at a time!

Telltale Signs You Stepped Out Of America…

JayLeen Murray March 1, 2017

Sometimes living abroad tricks us with a routine that warms us with a familiarity.  Step by step, we adjust and adapt to everyday life living in a new world.  But just when we think we’re getting comfortable, how quickly we’re reminded we’re American… More

Six Weeks, Six New Adventures

JayLeen Murray February 21, 2017

It feels like just yesterday I just landed in the Dublin airport, a little delusional and confused, walking through customs. Six weeks later and as settled into my new home as I’m going to get, it’s starting to sink in just how quickly time is passing… More

Trading Fantasies for Reality

JayLeen Murray January 12, 2017

There’s always this calmness when the snow hits the beach sand for the very first time.  I walked from jetty to jetty leaving my temporary footprints on the freshly fallen snow when it hit me- I’ll be leaving my comfort zone and traveling across the exact… More