Chloe Seletz


University of Otago, New Zealand

Learning in New Zealand

Chloe Seletz April 17, 2018

One thing people do not realize when it comes to doing a semester overseas, is the significance the classroom experience can create. This has surprisingly made a positive impact on my semester so far. Walking through campus, studying at the library, and… More

Keeping New Zealand Pure

Chloe Seletz March 28, 2018

Prior to my arrival in New Zealand, I received many comments and advice about the country. I was told that countries like New Zealand and Australia will have a very similar culture as the United States. I was not sure what to make of the comment, but… More

Literally Living Life on the Edge

Chloe Seletz March 6, 2018

As I was looking at study abroad programs last year, I noticed that many pictures from New Zealand included bungee jumping. As I did more research, I learned that the first commercial bungee jump was in New Zealand and there were many different bungee… More

A Busy Introduction to New Zealand

Chloe Seletz February 20, 2018

As I sit at the gate at the airport, there are hundreds of thoughts running through my mind. I see many unknown faces surrounding me, but I know they are feeling the same way I do. The feeling of unknown, but also excitement for the many adventures we… More