Bailey Smith


University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Hi Guys! My name is Bailey and I am thrilled to spend my spring of 2017 at the University of Edinburgh! I am a Junior English and Psychology double major at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. I love to read, travel, paint, and explore the outdoors. I have always been fascinated with Scottish landscape and culture so I am more than excited to live in Edinburgh for the semester and begin this amazing adventure!

I’m Pretty Sure We All Died in That Blizzard…

Bailey Smith March 1, 2017

In a previous post I talked a bit about my trip to Iceland over reading week, but I didn’t actually talk about the things I did there, just about the process of traveling. Our trip to Iceland was a bit less than a week. We got there Monday afternoon and… More

Wait, We Have a Week off in February?

Bailey Smith February 22, 2017

Apparently there is a thing in at a lot of European Universities called reading week. Well actually it has many different names (innovative learning week or flexible learning week) but no one really knows what to call it. (I had multiple lecturers and… More

Arcadia Adventures

Bailey Smith February 14, 2017

When I was looking through all of the different study abroad programs that my school allowed me to go through I looked really closely at what the different programs offered in terms of excursions. This is one of the reasons that I picked Arcadia because… More

Seeing Scotland

Bailey Smith February 6, 2017

The past few weeks of my trip have gone very quickly. I am now a month in and I feel rather comfortable here. One of my main goals when I came here was to see as much of Scotland (and Europe) as I could while I am here. So far I think I have been doing… More

Who Would Have Thought?...

Bailey Smith January 25, 2017

Two weeks into my study abroad program and I feel like I have been in Edinburgh for a year. Every day feels incredibly long in a good way. The first week was full of various info sessions and awkward introductions with every person I sat next to in orientation… More

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