Aimee P.


University of Aberdeen, Scotland


Hello readers! My name is Aimee Pollock, and I'm from New Jersey, America. I'm a junior studying Creative Writing and Accounting. One of my earliest memories is of my grandfather sitting with me and telling about the Pollock, Maxwell, & Campbell clans, all of which I'm related to. Since then it's been a life long goal to see Scotland, a goal finally fulfilled as I attend the University of Aberdeen. With so much to see and be inspired by, I can think of no better place to be as I get to work on my novels. I have way too many hobbies to tell you, so you'll have to read and find out! Don't worry, I'll also be giving out plenty of advice about things to see and do in Scotland as well.

Lesson 1: Know your University and Fresher’s Week

Aimee P. November 21, 2014

Hi there! I can’t believe how fast time goes when you travel. It seems like Fresher’s week was only a few days ago. For those that aren’t aware, Fresher’s week is a week for students to settle in campus before classes begin. It’s really interesting what… More