Scotland Student Learning Conference - Fall 2021

Cameron McKay November 25, 2021

This semester, the Arcadia Edinburgh Center was very proud to host our first ever Student Learning Conference, with students from across our 3 center-based courses: the travel writing course taught by Dr Joan Haig; independent studies and the internship… More

Scotland, America, and the Beautiful Game

Cameron McKay June 10, 2020

Anyone who has spent time in Scotland, be it for a study abroad programme or a vacation, will have been struck by how much we care about football, and when I say football I mean football, or fitba, but never soccer! Due to the Covid-19 outbreak no professional… More

Confronting Scotland’s Racist Past

Cameron McKay June 5, 2020

A key component of Scottish national identity is the belief that we are a tolerant country. Racism is thought to be less common in Scotland than in other parts of Britain, with one 2011 study finding that positive attitudes towards immigrants were amongst… More

V.E. Day 2020

Cameron McKay May 7, 2020

Seventy-five years ago this Friday the Second World War ended in Europe. Although the Empire of Japan fought on until August, and only surrendered after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for many Britons 8th May 1945 marked the real end of the war… More

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