Explore Scotland through the Fall 2022 Events!

Laura Williamson August 2, 2022

We hope you are getting excited about your time in Scotland this Fall! We have put together a range of events for you that will get you properly immersed into Scottish culture and maybe trying some new experiences! There is something for everyone and… More

Tia Tours of Edinburgh part 2

Laura Williamson April 11, 2021

I heard that Tia Tours of the Seven Hills was a New York Times bestseller ;) so I thought I would follow up with another blog post on some relatively flat areas to explore around Edinburgh. If hills are not your thing, not to worry. There is so much more… More

Tia Tours of Edinburgh part 1

Laura Williamson March 8, 2021

Tia Tours of Edinburgh's 7 hills Edinburgh has always been a fascinating city with many wonderful places to explore. However, I have recently found that all of this is so much better with a four legged companion. September marked eleven years since… More

Following in Literary Footsteps...

Joan Haig September 17, 2019

This year, Arcadia’s Edinburgh Center expanded the number of our optional walking tours; students can now choose from history, philosophy or literature-themed walks as part of their welcome to Scotland’s capital city. I was delighted to be leading the… More

Spring 2018 Events

Emma Simpson November 16, 2017

Scotland looks forward to welcoming you this coming semester! We’re very excited to announce the events that will be taking place this spring and we hope they’ll enhance your experience of Scotland while you’re in-country! Registration opens Thursday… More

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